Union of Scientist in Bulgaria -  Plovdiv

4000 Plovdiv, 6 Mitropolit Paissii Street, Mailbox.172, tel. /032/ 628 654

e-mail:  sub_plov@mail.bg



Poster: Size - 80cm x 60cm

Oral presentation: duration up to 15 min (10+5)


The papers are expected in an electronic form in Microsoft Word. They must be submitted on a CD accompanied by a printout of the text.  The paper in electronic format could be submitted to e-mail: sub_plov@mail.bg like attachment.

1. Page size  File, Page Setup, Paper Size – А

2. Margine size - 14 cm x 21 cm: File, Page Setup, Margins:

in cm:     Top, Bottom - 4,3 cm     Left, Right – 3,5  cm

in inches:           Top, Bottom – 1,69 "      Left, Right – 1,38 "

3. Spacing: Format, Paragraf, Line spacing single

4. Font – Times New Roman C

Title of the paper, authors and affiliation Size12, Bold

Text of the Abstract – Size10, Normal

Text of the paper – Size10, Normal

5. The first page starts with 6 free lines [3 cm] so that a header could be inserted with the conference theme and dates.

6. On the first page, following the 6 free lines for the header, specify the following, CENTERED:

  • Title – in the chosen language;
  • Author[s] – in the chosen language ;
  • Affiliation[s] in the chosen language ;
  • еmpty row

7. On new row follow the abstract on chosen language (Example: if your paper is in English- write ‘Abstract'). Please, don't center.

8. Follows the abstract text on chosen language (maximum 10 rows) . Please, don't center.

Empty row

9. Follows the text of the paper in the chosen language.

10. Any figures, photos or diagrams in the paper should be in black-and-white and inserted in the text.

11. All notes and remarks have to be footnotes appearing on the same page.

12. The bibliography has to be cited at the end of the paper. In paper text bibliography must be cited in brakes.

Materials are not formed according to the above requirements will not be considered. Paper prints and CDs will not be returned.

The paper should be presented for printing on a CD and printout paper copy not later than 13 June  2015.

The paper in electronic format could be submitted to e-mail: sub_plov@mail.bg like attachment.


80 х 60 сm




Example article can be downloaded here: