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USB – Plovdiv is an independent, democratic, social and professional organisation set up with the voluntary participation of individuals, scientists and specialists, and organisation s from all brances of science. The goal of the USB is to combine the knowledge and effort of the scientists from all fields of science and promote the introduction of scientific achievements into practice, by providing USB members with methodological help and by protecting their interests.

  • USB – Plovdiv is a body corporate with all rights and obligations resulting from that.
  • USB – Plovdiv is a federal member of the Union of Scientists of Bulgaria.
  • Members of USB- Plovdiv can be individual or organisation.         
  • A regular member of USB – Plovdiv can be any Bulgarian citizen or foreigner, permanently working in Bulgaria who has a degree or is a specialist with scientific achievements.
  • A group member of USB – Plovdiv can be any scientific organisation (union, society, association, club, firm, scientific laboratory, scentific centre, etc.). Group membership is based on a contract.


USB – Plovdiv is situated in one of the most interesting nineteeth-century architectural monuments in the old part of Plovdiv – Konstantin Kajikalchev's house. The house was donated by its owner in 1917. Konstantin Kajikalchev's heirs, John and Tania Brisby, who live in London, continue their great-grandfather's traditions with considerable help to the Plovdiv scientists.  




  • Being a social organisation, USB – Plovdiv takes part in the development of strategies in the field of science and technical progress on both a regional and national scale.
  • USB – Plovdiv supports creative initiative of researchworkers in the economic and cultural society. USB – Plovdiv provides information about international conferences and seminars.
  • USB – Plovdiv promotes putting Bulgarian scientific achievements into practice and encourages the transfer of foreign methods and technologies.
  • USB – Plovdiv organises scientific forums, symposia, scientific and practical conferences, meetings, discusssions, etc.
  • USB – Plovdiv provides financial support for members to participate in national and internatioanal meeting, to exchange information and ideas and to make useful contacts.
  • USB – Plovdiv organises popular theoretical an practical courses, consultations and knowhow in the field of agriculture, veterinary medicine, technology and marketing.
  • USB – Plovdiv facilitates national and international trade in scientific products.



  • USB – Plovdiv has established Science Engineering Ltd. which deals with consultations, innovations, engineering and trade.
  • USB – Plovdiv has established the Antistress Consultation Centre in colaboration with Barzak Educational Institute, CA.
  • USB – Plovdiv has provided its members with a large collection of new science and fiction books in English donated by the National Academic Foundation.
  • USB – Plovdiv has organised language courses.
  • USB – Plovdiv, in collaboration with USIS, has set up a discussion Club and a Video Club for its English speaking members.